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Aren't all "video tours" the same? PDF Print E-mail



No, not even close. IPIX, 360-Degree Tours and similar other services were a great idea and a step above regular photographs. They allowed potential buyers to see more of the room via an extreme wide-angle lens. The drawback to these "tours" are the static view of a room and the distortion introduced by the lens. In most static tours, if you look close around the edges of each picture, you'll see curved walls and surfaces that should be straight.


Other systems provide a simulated motion by "panning and scanning" or moving left to right across a regular photograph. How many rooms does a typical home have that you would really want a 360 degree view? Why spin around in a circle when you can watch VIDEO?

Our videos are huge leap forward in the presenting your property. We can show movement in ceiling fans, branches in the trees and water fountains in the yard.

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