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We produce videos for the local church to enhance the Sunday morning worship experience.


Our popular countdowns are designed provide a visual cue to the beginning of the service and make getting to the service or meeting fun. 

  • High Impact Countdowns - These provide a visual feast coupled with intense music to start  any meeting or service with excitement and energy. Perfect for Student Ministry, Children's Ministry or any gathering that you want to begin with High Impact.
  • Bible Trivia Countdowns - Quiz your family and friends with questions from the Bible and multiple choice answers. Who doesn't like trivia questions?
  • "On-Location" Countdowns - Beautiful and tranquil scenes coupled with positive, easy-going musical soundtracks to set a peaceful mood before the service.
  • Christmas, Winter, Spring and Summer Countdowns - Tasteful, gentle, warm, inviting and fun describe these countdowns.
  • Basic Countdown Overlays - These allow the church tech team to create their own custom countdowns using their own content with a video switcher or by importing them into their own video software.

For detailed descriptions and video previews, click here.

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